Personal Loans

A personal  is a convenient solution when funds are needed for an important purchase, luxury item, or even to consolidate debts into one, lower-cost payment.


  • Repay your loan faster with weekly or bi-weekly payments.
  • No penalty for extra payments or early repayment.
  • Make extra payments any time, in any amount, and as often as you want.


  • Competitive variable or fixed interest rate.
  • Credit life and disability insurance available.

Consolidation Loans

Consolidation loans allow you to combine the balances owing on your high interest credit cards, department store cards, consumer loans, and other debts into one monthly payment.  This allows you to pay off these debts faster, improve monthly cash flow, save money in interest charges, and maintain or improve your credit score.

Say for instance you have $ 10,000 in combined credit card and department store card debt.

If you were to make the minimum payment each month, it would take you over 37 years to pay it off.

Now consider you were to consolidate all of these into one loan, with one monthly payment with Community Credit Union.  You could be paying as low as $212.00 a month and in just 5 years, the loan would be paid off.  Furthermore, you would save  approximately $13,500 in interest.




All loans subject to credit approval and normal credit guidelines.